Printing machines

FLEXON prints self-adhesive labels using top-quality printing machines from Nilpeter and Gallus. We were the first in the Czech Republic to install the Gallus RCS 330, the flagship of the manufacturing line.

Gallus RCS 330 Gallus RCS 330

For printing we use

  • A Nilpeter flexo printing machine with a maximum width a 330 mm, using UV and water-soluble colours, capable of printing in glue and lamination, etching into the paper, hot and cold stamping, with a maximum of eight colours.
  • Gallus flexo printing machines with maximum width of 330 mm, using UV colours (maximum number of colours 9), rotary screen printing, stamping, lamination and the possibility for printing packaging foils and tube laminate.

To finalize production, we use cutting and spooling machines manufactured by the Canadian firm Rotoflex. One of these machines is also equipped with a cutting table for the manufacture of bianco labels, and one is equipped with an electronically regulated razor cut for processing packaging foils.
All of these printing machines are outfitted with an inspection camera for monitoring the print. Half the machines are also outfitted with an electronic registration monitor.

Additionally we bought Italian slitting machine Prati, which is able to slit flexible packages and tube laminates and is equipped by camera checking system of the quality of print.


ISO 9001 certification

04. 06. 2008 | We obtained the certificate ISO 9001:2000.

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