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Since 1994, we have provided complete service in the area of self adhesive labels and flexible packaging. On the bases of our experiences we have become an important producer of self-adhesive labels and packages.

The company FlexON The company FlexON

Due to the continually rising demand for self-adhesive labels, our original rented space was no longer adequate. We therefore took a fundamental step in the development of our company with the construction of our own, modern production facility, providing us with the capacity we need to satisfy our customer demand.

We started operation of this new printing plant in Prague Vestec in 2003. All the technology was gradually moved so that production might continue full force without customers perceiving any negative change in operations. With the moved to the new park, our team of employees also expanded to more than 50.

Pre-print preparations were also part of the development of the printing plant, and great stress was laid on building up this important link in the manufacturing process. First the DTP studio was put together and plates were worked on externally. Fairly early on in the process, it became clear that greater flexibility demanded we build our own plates directly on company grounds. Today, Flexon is self-sufficient with regard to flexo printing and rotary screen printing.

Historical milestones for FLEXON

  • 1994 - founding of FLEXON
  • 1995 - purchase of first printing machine (K.DO)
  • 1997 - purchase of second printing machine (Nilpeter)
  • 1998 - establishment of our own DTP studio
  • 2000 - establishment of our own print form workshop
  • 2001 - purchase of Gallus letterpress machine in combination with screen printing + letterpress + heat stamping
  • 2003 - move to our own premises
  • 2005 - purchase of Nilpeter FA 3300 - servo printing machine
  • 2008 - addition of the manufacturing building
  • 2008 - ISO 9001 certification
  • 2008 - purchase of top-quality Gallus RCS 330 machine
  • 2010 - purchase of Gallus ECS
  • 2010 - purchase of slitting machine Jupiter with printing quality control system
  • 2011 - purchase of second Gallus RCS 330 machine


ISO 9001 certification

04. 06. 2008 | We obtained the certificate ISO 9001:2000.

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